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Tips on selling your home.


The first impression is the most important and all too often, the last. Small things can make a big difference when potential buyers come to view your home. A cluttered or messy garage or missing light bulb could give an impression of general disrepair.


The following is a list of simple and inexpensive ways to make the most of that first impression: Keep the kitchen and bathrooms in good condition and free of clutter; replace missing, loose or discolored grout around ceramic tiles and watch for leaky fawcettes.


• Straighten any crooked address numbers and mailboxes. Make sure that numbers can easily be seen from the street.


• Opening blinds or drapes will make rooms feel bright and airy. Replace any light bulbs that have burnt out and make windows sparkle.


• Neutral color schemes will help lighten rooms whereas darker colors can make rooms appear smaller. Avoid very trendy looks but do keep decor up to date.


• Organize closets, basements, and other storage areas as storage space is crucial to most homebuyers. Repair any loose or broken doorknobs and fix squeaky hinges.


• Avoid cooking meals with heavy odors on the day of an open house or any showings. Avoiding heavily scented products is also a good idea. Try simmering some cinnamon sticks and remember that baking soda is a wonderful deodorizer.


• Get rid of any chipped or peeling paint on basement floors and touch up those areas.

Add extra lighting to any areas that are particularly dark.


• Take the time repaint any doors, trim and baseboards with chipped or peeling paint. It will give the impression of being a well maintained home.


• If there has been some minor water damage such as: stains, marks or small cracks on the walls and ceilings due to a small leak, drywall compound and paint are a simple solution.