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Tips on buying a home.


   The purchase of a home is a very big step. It is probably the largest investment most people will make in their lifetime. The process is neither fast nor easy, but a little bit of knowledge will take most of the mystery out of it. Before you begin your journey, take a moment to read these few, simple tips. They will help to make the process more efficient and relieve some of the stress that comes with buying a home.


Know how much you can afford.


   Why waste your valuable time looking at homes that are not within your price range?

   Determine your downpayment. This will help you to calculate how much you need to borrow and establish a price point.

   Speak to a mortgage specialist and get pre-approved.


Choose your area.


   Where do you want to live? What kind of amenities are important to you? What type of home do you want? There is a wide range of styles available in today's market. Single-family detached homes are most popular but there are also semi-detached homes, links, condominiums and townhomes. Each has different characteristics to suit individual lifestyles.


What do you need in a home?


   How many bedrooms, bathrooms, what size property would you like and is there enough parking available?

   Search the web. This will help eliminate homes that are unsuitable. There are a number of websites available including and For your convenience, these are accessible from this website.

   Choose a realtor. Find an agent you are comfortable with, someone reliable and who understands your needs.

   Hire a home inspector. Having your home inspected by a qualified and reputable firm will help identify any potential problems and save you time and money.


Look into any alternatives available to you.


   Government incentives have been introduced to stimulate activity in the housing markets across the country. There are currently two programs available to make homeownership more attainable to all Canadians. There are the CMHC's five per cent downpayment plan as well as access to RRSP's for first-time homebuyers. When it comes to this kind of important investment, take the time to educate yourself, after all, the well informed consumer will make the wisest choices.